Have you ever wondered what it is like to lose a loved one and not know which direction to turn? Most people face such a decision during their lifetimes and it can be overwhelming. But, when a person has a proper Estate Plan in place, it can help their family face such a loss with confidence that they can weather the storm.

Studies show that around only one-third of Americans have an Estate Plan. Is that surprising? Properly planning for your disability or death is not a pleasant thought, and it takes organization and effort to do so.

But, if you consider the feelings and well-being of the loved ones you will leave behind, planning makes perfect sense. Visiting an Estate Planning attorney is time well spent. You will be directed to name individuals who can help care for you and make decisions for you during your lifetime if you have an illness or disability, and who will help your family through the difficult time after your passing by serving as Executor or Trustee of your estate. Additionally, you will be able to dictate the terms of the distribution of your estate, rather than subjecting your family to the laws of the state where you reside to determine who receives what portion of your estate and in what manner.

So, take the time to visit an Estate Planning attorney in the near future. The peace of mind it will bring you will make you glad you did.

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