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Are you caring for a loved one with disabilities? If you are, then you know how important it is that you plan for his or her needs. From schooling and healthcare to finances and public benefits eligibility, we know that at times it can feel like a full time job. What will you do, however, if something should happen to you?

When your loved one has significant special needs and depends on you to help them, it is critical to create Special Needs Planning. Special Needs Planning is a form of Estate Planning in Southern Illinois that allows you to protect the monies of the disabled person or the monies the disabled person can inherit from you. In this type of trust planning, an independent trustee will hold the monies and provide them when needed to the disabled individual.

With medical advancements, persons with disabilities are living longer and public benefits are often necessary. Yet, there is no guarantee that public benefits will provide adequate resources over the disabled person’s lifetime, or that existing public agencies will continue to provide acceptable services and advocacy over a disabled person’s lifetime. This is where the Special Needs Trust can provide both an enhanced quality of life and additional funds, when necessary.

This type of planning can ensure that the disabled person will not lose access to valuable public benefits such as SSI and Medicaid programs. This is also an important conversation to have with grandparents who could possibly leave money to a disabled grandchild, unwittingly disqualifying him or her from benefits.

We are here to help you and your loved ones with Special Needs Planning. We know it is not an easy conversation to have but we want to ensure that you have the best representation possible. Do not wait to call Hafford Elder Law Planning at 618-997-8989 or communicate with us through email.

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