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Gun Trusts in Southern Illinois

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Guns are part of the legacy of many families we work with in our practice. Unfortunately, gun ownership and the transfer of those guns at your death or disability, can be a complicated process. Today, gun restrictions, ownership limitations and prohibitions exist. These rules are frequently updated at both the state and federal level.

At this time, there is no uniform law across the states. This means the governing provisions of gun ownership can be very different from state to state. For example, while it may be within the bounds of the federal law and the law of your state to own a specific type of firearm, it may be a very different scenario for your child who you wish to leave this firearm to in your estate planning. It may surprise you to learn that local rules and ordinances may cause issues for your intended beneficiaries as well.

However, there is a clear answer for the gun owner. Today, you can work with your estate planning attorney to develop a Gun Trust. A Gun Trust is a form of trust agreement that was created as a means to hold ownership of firearms or other restricted weapons. In the majority of trusts created for this purpose, the intent is to use them for firearms of a classification that make them the subject of strict federal and state regulation. For example, a Gun Trust can assist you if you own or plan on legally acquiring certain firearms or weapons, specifically Class 3 Firearms (silencers, short-barrel rifles and shotguns, machine guns, and other weaponry.)

When you add a Gun Trust to your estate planning you can reach your goals despite the different rules, ordinances, and state laws that may govern both you and your intended beneficiary. Through the protection created by a Gun Trust you can ensure that your firearm can be legally passed on to your future generations of family. Let us help you create the right Gun Trust for you and your loved ones.

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